Welcome to Ireland’s Love Club, a revolutionary approach to dating – where together, we will create the platform that will change dating forever.

We, at Ireland’s Love Club, know that meeting potential partners can be daunting and for some, find it hard to create the opportunities to meet their forever someone in this busy world that we live in today. Times have changed and so have we. We know that time is precious and that finding true love is nearly impossible if you’re not constantly socializing 24/7 or confident enough to use online dating as your only tool, and that’s where we differ. It is our goal to take the stress out of dating and create a platform where all you have to do is sign up, turn up and have some fun in a safe environment, supported by us.

So who are Ireland’s Love Club?

Gerard, one of Ireland’s leading event managers, will create outstanding, romantic, fun-filled event nights and weekends. Frances, our approachable administrator, will nurture you through the enrolling process. 

Gerard Ryan.

The Love Club caters for ages 30-45, 45-60, 60-75 and 75+. It is not only about finding your true love it is also about creating lasting friendships with others in the same boat.

Annual Membership Fee €100 & pay as you go system for date nights approx. €100

Take control of your destiny… Join Ireland’s Love Club today.

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